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About Casco Maine

In the Beginning:

History by Melissa Kluge rewritten by Jen Morton and Georgette Burgess

Maine began as a province of Massachusetts. At the time when our American independence was declared, northern Massachusetts was sparsely settled. The wild inhabitants-Indians and bears-and a lack of transportation both contributed greatly to preventing the settling of the province of Maine.

In the middle half of the eighteenth century, it became popular for the State of Massachusetts to pay off debts for military and other services by granting large lots of wild land.

It was voted that Capt. William Raymont and the company of men who had been under him in the failed expedition of 1690 to destroy the French citadel of Quebec, should be granted land. The expedition had been futile, but the result was the granting of a township to survivors or decedents of the men who had gone on this expedition.

The first attempt to grant land did not work out: it would have been what is today the area of Weare, NH, and the second attempt did not come until 25 years later. The original soldiers were long gone but their heirs were still eligible and land in Maine was plentiful.

On January 30, 1767 a suitable grant was settled upon and "a township of land 6 miles and 3/4's of a mile square was granted to Capt. William Raymont and others who served in the expedition against Canada in 1690, their legal Representatives or assigns and by them laid out in the County of Cumberland adjoining to Great Sebago Pond, and adjoining to New Marblehead..." This grant of land included all that is now Raymond and Casco, plus part of Naples, and was called Raymondtown, in honor of Capt. William Raymont.

Gould Home Obadiah Gould home, first settler of Quaker Ridge On June 20, 1803, Raymondtown became incorporated within Massachusetts as the Town of Raymond, with its own local government, and in 1820, Maine became a State. We were not to become "Casco" until 1841 and it took two petitions to the Maine Legislature to secure the separation from Raymond.

Casco was officially incorporated on March 18, 1841. Casco was the last town incorporated in Cumberland County and is the smallest consisting of 32 square miles of land and 6 square miles of water.

Early Schools

Casco High School 1848 Webb's Mill School
Casco High School 1848 Webb's Mill School

Where are we now:

Gould Home The Town of Casco is ideally located for the person who has varied interests. Casco is located within an hours commute to the coast of Maine, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and Portland International Jetport. Major shopping areas are a twenty-minute drive.

Down-hill skiing opportunities are but a 17 mile drive and cross-country skiing is available throughout the community. Several colleges and technical schools are located within a forty mile radius of Casco including: Bates College, Bowdoin College, University of So. Maine, So. Maine Technical College, Central Maine Technical College, University of New England, and St. Joseph's College.

Casco's town government is a Town Meeting form of government with an elected 5 member board of selectmen and a Town Manager. Many community volunteers staff various planning, environmental, and recreational committees. Volunteers are the backbone of the Town of Casco's Rescue Unit and Fire Department.Town Offices

Casco is located in the heart of the Sebago Lakes Region. Casco's 36 square miles contain eight lakes and ponds, which comprise nearly 6 square miles of Casco's area. Opportunities abound for recreational and business opportunities associated with pristine, clear lakes and ponds

Our year round population of 3500 swells to 15,000 during the summer, when local youth summer camps and seasonal resorts are filled with visitors. Many of our seasonal residents have made Casco their summer home for several generations.

The local economy is an interesting mixture of businesses such as tourism, including two vacation resorts, a golf course, several restaurants, and bed and breakfast facilities. In addition to tourism, local sawmills and retail building products as well as an active construction industry, help fuel the local economy. Diversity is added to the local economy with many small businesses including crafts, gifts, antiques, machine shops, art galleries, and a variety of other retail and service businesses.

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