The Tax Assessor’s office is located in the Casco Town Office. This office can assist you with detailed information on real estate and personal property tax assessments and property tax maps.


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Monday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday 11:30am - 7:00pm
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Thursday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm
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Phone: (207) 627-4515
FAX: (207) 470-1077

Town of Casco - Assessor

Renee Lachapelle

Director of Cumberland County Regional Assesing
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Mailing Address: Office Location:
635 Meadow Road
Casco, Maine 04015
635 Meadow Road
(Casco Town Office)
Phone: 207-699-2475  
Fax: 627-4180  

Town Code

The Town of Casco’s Code project is now complete and our eCode has been updated. Online access to the all of the town information in one place and fully searchable. Click Here

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

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Forms (Property Tax Exemptions; Abatement, Farmland, Open Space, Tree Growth Applications)

Cumberland County has created a regional assessing program designed to ensure quality, professional assessing services to interested municipalities within the County at a reduced cost. Assessing related forms can now be obtained by visiting their website.

Revaluation Information and Reports
Tax Maps
Street Maps
Zoning Maps

The Official Zoning Map and the Official Shoreland Zoning Map were most recently adopted in June 2009. There are now two parts to the Official Zoning Map. All properties are subject to all the districts in which they lie. (The most restrictive provisions apply.)

The maps here are copies of the official maps. While every effort has been made to replicate accurately the official maps here, please use the hardcopies of those maps, available in the Town Office, as your final guide.

Zoning Map Part 1

Part 1 includes the following districts: Village, Residential, Commercial, Manufactured Housing Park, Aquifer Protection Overlay, Resort Commercial Overlay, and three Contract Zones.

Zoning Map Part 2

Part 2 contains: the Streams and Wetlands Protection District, and all the Official Shoreland Zoning Districts (LCR, LRR, RP, SP, WS).

Casco Tax Database


Geographic Information System (GIS) provides access to geographic and tax record information currently maintained by the Town of Casco, ME. The information herein is updated periodically and may not always be current. Information is maintained for municipal and tax assessment uses, and provided for illustrative purposes only. The accuracy of this information is not and cannot be guaranteed, the Town of Casco assumes no liability, financial or otherwise, and is used at the recipient's own risk. Information contained in this system does not take the place of a professional survey or any other legal description and should not be used for site-specific decision making.

AxisGIS is an Internet-based mapping service for communities and businesses that want to publish their GIS online. AxisGIS is helping communities share their parcel data which enables homeowners and real estate professionals to query, browse, report and print maps from their own computers. This easy to use online GIS supports a variety of municipal functions, provides a platform for police and school collaboration, and creates a connection between town government, local businesses, and communities.

Click Here for the Database




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(207) 627-4515
Mailing Address:
Town of Casco
635 Meadow Road
Casco, ME 04015