The board of selectmen is commonly the executive arm of the government of New England towns in the United States. The board typically consists of three or five members, with or without staggered terms. Three is the most common number, historically. Source


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Phone: (207) 627-4515
FAX: (207) 470-1077

Town of Casco Board of Selectmen

The Casco Selectboard consists of 5 at large elected officials. The Selectboard functions as an elected administrative Board that has some legislative authority under State Law. The Selectboard is responsible to carry out the directives of Town Meeting, establishing appropriate policy in order to address Town Meeting Directives. The Selectboard accomplishes it goals through the Town Manager who is the designated administrative officer.

The Casco Selectboard members are voted in June of every year; the 5-member board each has a 3-year staggered term:

  • Town of Casco has a selectmen/town manager/town meeting form of government.
  • The board meets every other Tuesday @ the Casco Community Center @ 6:30 p.m.
  • Selectboard agendas and minutes can be found on the Agenda and Minutes page of this website.
  • General Email:


Name Phone Email Term Exps
Mary Fernandes (Vice Chair thru 6/30/2018) 776-2319 06/30/2019
Holly Hancock (Chair thru 06/30/2018) (207) 650-0238 06/30/2020
Calvin Nutting (207) 655-4551 (w) (207) 655-4112 (h) 06/30/2020
Thomas Peaslee (207) 655-5321 (h) 06/30/2019
Grant Plummer 998-3455 (h) 671-8862 (c) 06/30/2018

Maine Revenue Sharing Issue - LR 2721

As you know only too well, the state Legislature, current governor and his predecessor have been ignoring Maine’s 42-year-old Municipal Revenue Sharing law in recent years, raiding $73 million from that program this year (FY 2014) in order to “balance” the state’s $6.3 billion budget. Worse, in FY 2015, as things currently stand, the fund would plummet from $60 million to $20 million (by law, it should be $146 million). Because of the Legislature’s ongoing actions, we all have seen consecutive years of forced property tax increases and reductions in municipal services. The trend is bad and it may get much worse. Click Here to read the entire letter.

Business Development

Our goal is to stimulate economic growth that peacefully coexists with our traditional way of life. We are a community that supports ‘Eco-Friendly’ development while maintaining the beauty of our township.

Click the image below for the complete brochure.
Casco Business Development


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In most New England towns, the adult voting population gathered annually in a town meeting to act as the local legislature, approving budgets and laws. Day-to-day operations were originally left to individual oversight, but when towns became too large for individuals to handle such work loads, they would elect an executive board of, literally, select(ed) men to run things for them. Source



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(207) 627-4515
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Town of Casco
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